No offense I was only Joking.

My job involves a lot of people watching, understanding body language and reading people. I have notice one particular subject keeps arising again and again. “No offense but.” Taking mental notes for the last 2-3 months. It has come to my attention the lack of respect floating around in and out of day-to-day living is unbelievable. Society is rude, self obsessed and worse more so when alcohol makes the ego inflate and induces the “Braveheart” in us. However society is not fighting for a worthy case and instead lacks reason. Personally I have witness men making comments to women 3-4 night out of seven. Generally these remarks are “Jasus love you fat” “nice tits” “you’re the fattest bird I’ve ever seen.” Nevertheless women are no better the are completely disrespectful in a more passive away, mostly. This includes smart remarks, condescending looks and body language that is distasteful.

Firstly negative remarks made to women about how the look play a serious role in the mental health of some people. Media already puts enough pressure on society to look, act and live a certain way without more and more negative pressure being added. BDD is an illness that not many know about but someone suffering with this or other disorders (men included) may have found it painful to push themselves into going out that night. It only take one comment or smart remark by some lesser individual to destroy not only someones night but more. Comments play in the minds of these people and sit there swimming while more and more comment are made towards them. Eventually this builds up until that person believes what is said to them so much so that they are uncomfortable in their own skin,looking in the mirror is task the becomes less natural and more nightmare.

Men are brave. Those men who are not naturally confident and work up the courage to walk up to a girl/guy they find attractive only to be met with a remark that makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed is shameful. It takes moxie to walk up and talk to a stranger, asking for their digits and maybe a date. Today the lack of respect in society is sickening. To treat someone as if they are nothing is something everyone should think about. Its happened to every person at some stage. How did it make you feel? why would you go out of your way to damage someone else?

In virtual worlds and today there are many within the wonderful internet, this is also a problem. Everyone is brave behind a keyboard. They are hidden, safe away from reality and unknown. Therefore also unknown to the point that the other doesn’t know what they look or sound like and in some cases what sex they are. Damage is damage and disrespect is as it says on the tin in and reality real or virtual. You as a users of the internet and a person of your city, country and a member of the human race have a responsibility to yourself and others. Everything you or I do has a direct or indirect impact of the life of someone else. The internet is a powerful world at the touch of a button. We should respect it and more so each other.


Final project and lost time.

For the ever first class I found new and interesting reason to agree and disagree with the internet and social media. Virtual environments opened up and entire new world. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, it is easy to see now how important social media is in the everyday working of our lives. The internet and social media connects us no matter the distance. It allows us to learn and find information at the click of a button. For those who for whatever reason are uncomfortable or cannot communicate easily due to illness, disability or other, social media is an affective and reliable way of communication. In some case i.e Second Life and other virtual world it allows those who may not be mobile a chance to walk, dance and even fly. Transgender. trans-netural and those in between are given the chance to express themselves without judgement in an environment they feel is safe and excepting. Nevertheless “with great power comes great responsibility” this could never be more true regarding social media. We as people have the power to directly or indirectly affect the life of someone we have never meet for the good and the bad. The power we  have from behind a key board is the power to be uncaring, selfish, hurtful and even in some case inhuman. We and only we are responsible for our actions and responses to actions. Power is abuse. Power itself is almost an ego and egos can be at times dangerous.This is why as internet users we most not abuse social media and in turn reduce the negative minds that maybe without realising case pain to other users, regardless why or who it might be.

A project task was giving each group. As we got off to a rocky start we realise that communication is vital as of my group members were based in Akron, United States and I myself am based here in Dublin. Unfortunately a group member had to drop out leaving us as a trio. The show must go on and the project continued. Due to the 8 hour time difference and other communication difficulties, it seemed like a long road ahead. However, once matters were cleared up and a clean line of communication was established the ball started to roll again to a degree. The final project for the course was submitted by two members within my project group. Due to events out of anyone’s control I could not be involved on the day of the presentation. Yet even still a lot was learn and a lot was gained throughout this project. I can now say I understand the factors involved in using social media but also how social media affects charities, other worthy cases, business and so on in a positive way. Making it easier to reach target audience and for the audience to understand and read information more easily.

Below are some of the links I used to find the some of the information and statistic on teen road accidents and how they can help be prevented that I used to provide to the remaining members of the group during this project.

social media destorys?

Can social media really destroy your chances of that dream job?

Social media in itself is nothing. It is dead and lifeless without a human behind it. Social media do not write their own comments, post its own photographs or involve itself in debates or useless he said she said agreements on the internet. Therefore in turn social media cannot ruin anyone’s chances to perform to the best of their ability to apply themselves and capture they’re dream job. As much as what you do in your own time is not anyone’s business but your own the uploading of information onto social platforms makes it public and assessable to everyone. Although your worth in a company and your commitment to a career should have nothing to do with your free, personal time outside of those working hours. social platforms are the easiest way to get to personal know the type of individual a company may or may not want to hire. However to reinstate social media platforms did not themselves write those statements of a drunken night out where you lost a shoe or can’t remember what happened or how you are so hung over you can’t go to work. The keyboard and platform are just a tool for the user. Therefore it is in fact the user who has ruined their own chances of that dream job. They and only they have over shared and freely given information that their future employer has deemed inappropriate for that company.

In others words we are all responsible for the internet, what is uploaded, what we decided to share. We are the only ones who decide how we are perceived by others. As users of the internet and social media we have a responsibility to respect ourselves, others and the technologies we chose to use.

Techno Worries.

VR- Virtual Reality and RL Real Life. Questions that are raised, raise concerns about the supplant or the replacement of Real Life by these new phenomenons within technology. The 1950s AI feared robots replacing humans. This fear re-occurs with each new generation of technology. the robotic replacements are not actively living “the only muscle or mind has reached out into the open world except in human technology symbiotic forms” – Don Ihdle

Epistemological moral.

Virtual Reality is a phenomenon fitting neatly into our reality as an extension of the self in our very own real life relationships with technologies.Today we project our fantasies and desires into a machine, but does this mean we are losing some of our self or sharing without limits with the other?

“The direction of desire opened by the embodied technologies also has it’s positive and negative thrusts. Instruments in the knowledge activities, notably science, is the gradual extension of the perception into new realms. The desire is to see, but not seeing is seeing through instrumentation. Negatively , the desire for pure transparency is the wish to escape the limitations of the material technology. It is a platonism returned in a new form, the desire to escape the newly extended body of technological engagement. In the wish there remains the contradiction: the user both wants and doesn’t want the limits, the transformations that a technologically extended body implies. There is a fundamental ambivalence toward the very human creation of our own earthly tools” –

Don Ihdle. Technology and the life world. Indiana university press 1990 pg75-76

When one is injured or nears death some limbs and lives can be saved using science and technology. robotic limbs and even organ attachments. Is it safe to say that we cannot be empowered by one or the other without virtually in technology there cannot be robotic live saving operations. Virtual bodies in a virtual environments lack the fullness of Real Life. They have no flesh no pulse no heart beat. Yet still give life to those that although may have these signs of real life but for whatever reason be it sickness or disability cannot communicate as the would wish to. Virtual worlds lack the smell of freshly cut grass or the feeling of the sun on your skin. However, the do afford a place to dance for those that cant, communication for those who do not have the blessing and friends, groups, team, and classes for those who are not lucky enough.

Communication in relationships.

In any relationship, professional or otherwise communication is the key to everything. Open lines of dialog can resolve problems and created respected opinions. In a professional manner of communication, it is very unprofessional even to the point of rudeness when there is a player left out of the game. Especially if it affects his or her career choice and questions professionalism. When communication is a one way street the game is over. Therefore it is extremely important on a human level to used what we have been learning from birth and transform those lessons into usable pieces of information we can take into our professional life.

With inventions such as the internet we can now personally, professionally and informally converse with people we don’t know have not and may never meet. Yet still work along side that person if used properly.

Humanities third arm.

Marshall McLuhan a student of the university of Manitoba, Canada. Holder of 9 Honorary Degrees, numerous awards as well and distinguished lectures. McLuhan focuses on media analysis and the human interaction with technology. McLuhan says ” it’s vitally  important to be aware of the medium and the tradeoffs and impacts of that medium on us, every step of the way.”

Technology as an extension of the self it the main focus in the article linked above. The example the is used by McLuhan is a simple human interaction with a tool that has been picked up. “what you now have is a “hammerhand”.  You’ve changed the hammer.  And you’ve changed your hand.” While the hammer is in your power you and the hammer have become one. The hammer can be used for many things making of fixing objects or as a weapon.  Just as the internet is becoming an extension of ones body and mind, allowing one to express, order, work, learning and play using technologies. It is your personality, thoughts and experience uploaded and made immortal (until a new discovery is made) Here are two large-scale examples, However given that a hammer can also be used with deadly force, we must always assume the internet can also be deadly surrounding issues such as cat-fishing. Having so much information, communication and means of education at the touch of a button thanks to the internet bring responsibility. The user made the choice of how it is used and what it is used for.

Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds .

This reading explores adopted roles in SL performances there artificial actions. These actions slowly incorporate themselves into our identities. It points out the ramifications of developing an in word identity. (p.g 19)  As well as Fashions part in virtual life.

“With great power comes great responsibility” – J. Hector Fezandie in an 1894 graduation address at The Stevens Institute of Technology Uncle Ben, Stan Lee’s Spiderman #15.

On a side note. A link to the virtual world summary of virtual education.

Ability Island.

Ability is the key word!

Ability Island a cross disability support community, supported in SL by real world non-profit organisation. Providing a range of activities and education. Disability groups are the largest minority groups in the world. In the class we took in Ability Island everything that was discussed was both in the written and spoken word. There was a lot of information given by the members of the Island.  The community began with people who wanted a community to set on SL for others with disabilities. The community of Ability Island now have many islands which all to a certain extent welcome everyone members and non-members. The members of this group have said within the class that they do not every often us social media but post events on the list for event on SL.

Second Life gives more confidence to people within the group and has helped improve their socialising skills. Those involved in the community has also informed the class that they use SL to meet new people and take their minds of RL problems. Now their SL has integrated into their RL (real life). It is nice to see there is somewhere for people who need a carer or assistance to go and be independent. At least virtually the members can do what they desire, form walking, talking, traveling, shopping without for themselves building their confidence and giving an outlet for those who may for whatever reason be house or bed bound. runnigs projects such as Universal Design of Virtual Worlds and the College open text book project.  The pages on this website mark the virtual and medical benefits of Second Life along with testimonials from members and users of the Second Life and Ability Island.

We were greeted warmly and welcomed by the members of the island. It is an island to explore in further detail.